SKWIM 2016 Small Group Questions

Friday 1/15 Questions – Defining Who Jesus is

  • How has today been, what are some highlights from today?
  • What did you think about the session tonight? Highlights?
  • Matt, the speaker, talked about how important it is for us to Define who Jesus is. Have you ever done that before, thought about who Jesus is to you personally? What has that looked like?
  • What are some attributes that we apply to Jesus? What are some of the common things that we define him as?
  • Lets looks at a passage in the Book of Matthew. Chapter 11: 1-6. What is John doing here, why is he sending his followers to ask Jesus who he is? (The Answer we are looking for, is that he is trying to see if his definition is correct, or if he was wrong)
  • Sometimes we need to seek out our definition of Jesus, and some times we need to approach him to see if we are on the right track. This weekend, I want to encourage you to really wrestle with who Jesus is to you. And not only that, pray to him about it. Ask him to help you define who he is.
  • I want to pray for you, and for this weekend.

Saturday 1/16 Questions

  • Thoughts on the message tonight?
  • Why do you think we listen to the voices of others when they tell us what out “worth” is?
  • God tells you, you are his Child. For Good or Bad, you are in some way like your parents. Thinking about that, what characteristics of God do you have because you are his child?
  • God doesn’t change. His plans and Promises don’t change. Read James 1:17.
    The Passage says God doesn’t change, his thoughts about you don’t waiver. Unfortunately we choose to listen to voices that are always changing. Because of that, we are always changing our view of who we are. God tells us that we are his child, we are loved for who we were made to be. That never changes.
  • With that thought in mind, how should that change things for you and how you view yourself or how you view other voices that tell you who you are? Is that an easy thing to change? How can we work together as a group to help each other out in that?

Sunday 1/17 Questions

  • How has your weekend been so far?
  • What did you think of the session this morning?
  • Matt talked about how Jesus is calling us to make disciples. What does it look like for you to be a disciple of Jesus?
  • Ok, great. Now, transition your mind over to others. What does it look like for you to help others to become disciples?
  • Matt talked about how we are to make disciples “as you go.” Have you ever thought that it is your calling to always be seeking to make disciples, or has it always been a church thing for you? Explain why
  • You go back to school on Tuesday. What does it look like for you to be a disciple maker? (Looking for simple, tangible things for them to grab hold of)
  • So this is our calling, to make disciples. And it isn’t a huge curriculum, or a huge study, although that is all good, at the heart it is you being you. Living your life for Jesus. When you do that, you will see others want to know why you live differently.
  • I want to pray for us. And pray that we can excel at being disciple makers.